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PrivateAnalytix is a privacy-respecting Google Analytics alternative that provides you with an easy-to-understand statistics about the evolution of your web site, while respecting your visitor’s privacy.

Will your pixel slow down my site?

No. It does not slow the website at all as the javascript code is running asynchronously and waits for the page to be ready until it executes and starts the tracking process.

Why do I need to pay you if Google Analytics is free?

Google Analytics is a great tool, and it certainly costs Google to have you on their platform. They make up the cost by selling your data to their advertisement partners to re-target your visitors and to serve them ADs.


We are completely private and we don’t share your data with anyone. You have 100% ownership of the data. It costs us to keep our servers running, to maintain an excellent user experience and to develop new features you can take advantage of.


This is why we charge a small fee and Google Analytics doesn’t.

Why visitors be excluded from tracking?

There are some cases where a visitor can be excluded from tracking:


– Visitor has a browser which has JavaScript disabled

– Visitor has a browser which has localStorage disabled or not working

– Visitor has a browser/browser plugin that is blocking tracking

– Visitor has a opted-out of tracking from your website

How many web sites can I set up with PrivateAnalytix?

You can set up as many web sites as you’d like. Each price plan has a monthly visitor limit, which is spread among all of your web sites.


If you had set up 3 web sites o a plan with 15,000 visitors, site 1 can have 3,000 visitors, site 2 can have 5,000 visitors and site 3 can have 7,000 visitors for that month.


The above is just a theoretical scenario to illustrate how price plans work.

Is there an overage charge if I go over my monthly visitor quota?

No, we will never charge you extra for usage. If you feel that you have gone over your monthly quota and would need to upgrade your plan to the next tier, simply go to your dashboard and change the plan.


The changes will reflect in the next billing cycle. You will be charged the amount that you have selected for your plan.



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