See Thousands of Data Points in One Picture


See where is the highest user attention

Heatmaps let you quickly spot where the highest user attention is concentrated. Perfect for optimizing your web site.

A/B test

Set up multiple landing pages and compare their heatmaps to see which converts best.

See where user attention drops

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Engagement Rate

Compare engagement rate per device

You can quickly compare the engagement rate per device (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Per device heatmaps

PrivateAnalytix will automatically generate a heatmap based on a device type.

See click rates per device

Quickly see what device type is used the least to make necessary optimizations.

A/B Testing

Observe behavior changes

Quickly observe behavioral changes after performing an A/B test. Get actionable insight into what copy and design performs best.

Multiple heatmaps

Set up multiple heatmaps to perform as many A/B tests as you'd like.

Real-time data

Heatmaps are updated in real-time. Get an immediate feedback about changes in performance.

6 Reasons to ❤️ PrivateAnalytix

Easy to install

Very simple to integrate to popular applications, such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Ghost and more.

You own your data

You have 100% control over what happens to your data. Your data will never be shared with anyone, it will never be monetized or mined.

E-Mail Reports

Receive simple weekly or monthly web site analytics reports to keep track of your site traffic growth or decline.

Robust and simple API

The built-in API allows you programmatically send your statistics to any app and display it in the way you would like.

Track marketing conversions

Set up conversion goals and UTM parameters to measure marketing campaign outcomes from the first click to the final conversion.

Replays and heatmaps

Truly understand your analytics. See why your web site underperforms and why visitors struggle to convert with Session Replays and Heatmsps.

Ready to improve your conversions and spend less time guessing?

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