We Help Affiliate and Shopify Sites Understand Why Their Visitors Don't Convert

See exactly why your website underperforms, why your visitors bounce or struggle to convert. Remove guesswork from your workflow, spend less time troubleshooting or optimizing. Real human support when you need it.

Stop the guesswork

PrivateAnalytics lets you generate heatmaps and session replays on desired pages. These will help you save hundreds of hours of testing, troubleshooting or understanding why your visitors struggle to convert. Apply heatmaps to specific pages to understand where visitor attention spikes or drops.

Simple, actionable statistics

PrivateAnalytics is built with simplicity in mind. You do not need special training to understand your web site analytics trends. Your friendly dashboard will communicate to your the most relevant data, such as number of visits, page visitor stats, country of origin, referrers, OS and more in seconds.

Save 100s of hours troubleshooting

Apply session replays to the troublesome areas of your site to see exactly what your customers experience. This will save you hundreds of hours in attempting to replicate issues that require troubleshooting. See the exact customer journey and mouse movements from the time when they enter the landing page all the way through to their first quick win.

Very light and fast

PrivateAnalytix is very light (< 3 KB) compared to Google Analytics (45 KB) and Microsoft Clarity. This means that your site will load quicker and it will comsume less power, reducing its carbon footprint. With the site load speed becoming a significant ranking factor for search engines like Google, beyond other benefits, PrivateAnalytics could also contribute to improving your search rankings.

Collaborate with team members

PrivateAnalytics lets you privately share access to your analytics with the members of your team right from the dashboard. They will get a warm invite message and a prompt to join to see web site stats. If you have multiple web sites set up, you can select which site(s) you want each team member to see. Simple and effective.

Remove your cookie banners and GDPR consent

PrivateAnalytix has 2 tracking modes: lightweight and advanced. The lightweight mode tracks all, except for session replays and heatmaps. The lightweight uses no cookies, not does it collect personal data, which makes it fully GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant. This means that you can remove highly intrusive cookie banners and the GDPR consent from your web site. You visitors will greatly appreciate this quiality of life improvement.

Session Replays

Learn why users don't convert

See why new users struggle to sign up, fail to visit certain pages or fill out a form.

Understand your analytics

Session replays allow you to see where your users enter, exit, bounce or completely drop off. This helps you to understand why your web site is underperforming.

Use cases

Perfect for Shopify store owners, affiliate marketers, WooCommerce-powered blogs, E-Mail marketers, A/B testing or anynone with a sales funnel.


What attracts attention

See exactly what attracts visitor attention so you can deliver the right information to them early.

Compare engagement by device

PrivateAnalytix generates heatmaps for desktops, tablets and mobile so you can quickly identify broken page elements and forms and A/B test.

Remove guesswork

Heatmaps allows you to see exactly where do your visitors click the most, see how far do they scroll and where does their interest drop.

Behavioral events

Deeper context to your analytics

Traditional metrics like visits, bounce rates and clicks don't give you a full picture, behavioral events give you context.

What leads to conversions

Quickly spot what leads to clicks and conversions.

Why do visitors bounce

Understand what leads to a bounce with behavioral events separated by pages. Analyze scroll depth, clicks, form submissions etc.

You Will ❤️ PrivateAnalytix

PrivateAnalytix simple 📊, private 🔒 and lightweight 👻, which will make you site quicker 🏃‍♀️💨, greener 🍃 and saves you a ton of time ⌚ troubleshooting and optimizing 🎥.

We do not believe in freemium tools, because most eventually lead to cost cutting by outsouring the support staff, a steep upgrade path or even to compromising privacy and features in exchange for being "free". We believe in creating a very reasonably priced, sustainable product that will allow us to be around and serve our customers for years to come.


Tracked Pageviews


Installed Websites


Session Replays


Uptime (Last 30 Days)

Simple Pricing That Scales With You

60-day satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. Free 2 months with the yearly price plan.


  • 15K Monthly Pageviews

  • 100 Session Replays

  • 2 Heatmaps

  • E-Mail Reports

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  • 150K Monthly Pageviews

  • 500 Session Replays

  • 5 Heatmaps

  • E-Mail Reports

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  • 500K Monthly Pageviews

  • 2000 Session Replays

  • 10 Heatmaps

  • E-Mail Reports

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All Plans Include

The following are the standard features that all price plans include:


Up to 60 web sites. Please reach out to us if you have more.


Event tracking. You can track custom events, such as button clicks, page visits, conversions etc.


Monthly or Weekly e-mail reports.


Unlimited team seats. You can invite team members to view the specific parts of your analytics.


100% control over your data. Your data is completely deleted if account is closed or a web site is removed.


Unlimited page visit and event data retention. 1 year session replay and heatmap retention.

Why PrivateAnalytix

PrivateAnalytix is extremely simple, requires no additional training to set up and gives you 100% control over your data. You get real human support when you need it. Run and hosted in United States. No outsourcing.

Easy to install

Very simple to integrate to popular applications, such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Ghost and more.

You own your data

You have 100% control over what happens to your data. Your data will never be shared with anyone, it will never be monetized or mined.

E-Mail Reports

Receive simple weekly or monthly web site analytics reports to keep track of your site traffic growth or decline.

Robust and simple API

The built-in API allows you programmatically send your statistics to any app and display it in the way you would like.

Track marketing conversions

Set up conversion goals and UTM parameters to measure marketing campaign outcomes from the first click to the final conversion.

Replays and heatmaps

Truly understand your analytics. See why your web site underperforms and why visitors struggle to convert with Session Replays and Heatmsps.

Yes, you do. PrivateAnalytix provides you with two different tracking methods: Lightweight and Advanced. With the Lightweight mode, no tracking consent is needed as it doesn't store any personal identifiable information. However, with the Advanced mode, you must have a tracking consent, as more data needs to be collected depending on what modules are activated (ex. Session Replays, Goals, Custom parameters.).

No. Session replays record customer interactions, but they don't record the data entered into any dialog box (ex. user text, username, password etc.).

No. We will never charge you an overage charge. We will continue to collect data and you will receive a friendly email reminder to upgrade your plan if you choose to continue to use our service.

Yes, it could. We can't guarantee it, but you should know the following. Our lightweight tracking pixel is <3 KB in size, which makes it 8x lighter than that of Google Analytics. Since less data needs to be processed, you web site loading speed might improve in some scenarios.

We are absolutely confident that you will love the monetary and time-saving benefits PrivateAnalytix will add to your site. So much so, that if for any reason you decide that PrivateAnalytix isn't the right choice for you within 60 days of signing up, we will provide you with a full refund. No questions asked. Simply contact us via email at info@privateanalytix.com or the chat box.

Ready to improve your conversions and spend less time guessing?

Sign up for PrivateAnalytix. We provide you with a full 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with us within 60 days, we will provide you with a full refund.

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