See Exactly How Your Users Experience Your Site

Session replays

Learn why users don't convert

Session Replays are live recording of what your users do on your web site.

Make sense of your stats

See mouse movements to understand your user's thought process.

Spot pain points, issues and bugs

Quickly discover stress points, watch your users click back and fourth and quickly eliminate their pain points.

Playback controls

Full playback controls

Fast-forward and scrub through the live recording timeline to skip to the desired place in the user journey

Skip inactive zones

Get straight to the point. Automatically skip through the parts where the user was not doing anything.

Tracked events

See user actions in a text format for a deeper understanding of user actions not obvious on the replay.

User actions

Page visits

See the exact pages that were visited by the user during their session.

Time and screen resolution

The exact time for each replay and the device resolution are also recorded.

Available for every replay

A full replay event log is available for each session replay.

Sort all replays

Sort by date

Find a specific replay by the exact time and the date.

Visitor country

Quickly see the country from which the visitor came to your web site to for a better context.

360 day replay retention

All replays retained for 365 days, giving you an opportunity to go way back.

6 Reasons to ❤️ PrivateAnalytix

Easy to install

Very simple to integrate to popular applications, such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Ghost and more.

You own your data

You have 100% control over what happens to your data. Your data will never be shared with anyone, it will never be monetized or mined.

E-Mail Reports

Receive simple weekly or monthly web site analytics reports to keep track of your site traffic growth or decline.

Robust and simple API

The built-in API allows you programmatically send your statistics to any app and display it in the way you would like.

Track marketing conversions

Set up conversion goals and UTM parameters to measure marketing campaign outcomes from the first click to the final conversion.

Replays and heatmaps

Truly understand your analytics. See why your web site underperforms and why visitors struggle to convert with Session Replays and Heatmsps.

Ready to improve your conversions and spend less time guessing?

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